[DEADCHEM007] Corrupt Moral Altar - Whiskey Sierra 7"



"Mix grind and sludge, soak it in whiskey and bile and you'll be getting somewhere near Liverpool's Corrupt Moral Altar. Sounding part Iron Monkey, part Mistress and part pounding hangover, it's disgusting in the best possible way. They follow up last years 'Needle Drugs' demo and the Baitin' The Trap EP, 'Luciferian Deathcult' with the new 7 inch 'Whiskey Sierra.' 2 new tracks, 2 remastered tracks from the demo and it quickly picks up where the last EP finished. Huge riffs and grooves, blasting drums and tortured shrieks, it's the perfect soundtrack to drinking yourself through misery, right into unconsciousness. "

Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl. Records come with a CMA poster and a download code.